Hello there 🤚! I'm a passionate software developer who loves building software to automate and digitalize business processes.

Every job requires a specific tool. For different problems, we need to use different tools to achieve the best outcome. It's all about efficiency.

I'm not limited to a single set of technologies, even though in day-to-day development, Angular paired with .NET is my go-to 🚀🚀

In real-world projects, I have experience with technologies like .NET Framework, Angular, React, Spring Boot, Next JS, SQL Server, and gRPC. These are the tools I've used in significant projects that digitalize the fintech and telecommunications industries in the Nordic regions.

However, my most preferred tools are the ones I initially used when entering the software development world: HTML paired with CSS, along with plain vanilla JavaScript. These are perfect for small and straightforward applications that don't require a complex architecture.

Speaking of architecture, I have extensive experience with microservices. In the current project I'm a part of, they serve as the backbone, ensuring scalability, agility, and responsiveness to market demands. This approach is essential in the fast-paced world of financial technology.

Regarding infrastructure, my preference leans towards Azure, as it's Microsoft's cloud platform that offers a secure and scalable foundation for many projects. However, for smaller projects, I've also utilized Vercel and Netlify.

In summary, I'm more than just a software developer; I'm a problem solver 💡, a creative system designer, a diligent solution finder, and, above all, a young professional who loves what I do. I thrive on the ever-evolving challenges of the tech world, and I'm dedicated to pushing the boundaries of innovation and excellence in every project I undertake ❤️